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Attach an Existing Kubernetes Cluster

Attach an existing Kubernetes cluster using kubeconfig

Attach Kubernetes Cluster

You can attach an existing cluster directly to Kommander. At the time of attachment, certain namespaces are created on the cluster, and workspace platform applications are deployed automatically into the newly-created namespaces.

Review the Workspace Platform Application Configuration Requirements to ensure the attached cluster has sufficient resources. For more information on platform applications and customizing them, see Workspace Applications.

If the cluster you want to attach was created using Amazon EKS or Google GKE, create a service account as described below. If you are attaching an Amazon EKS cluster to Kommander, detailed instructions are available.

Platform applications extend the functionality of Kubernetes and provide ready-to-use logging and monitoring stacks by deploying platform applications when attaching a cluster to Kommander. For more information, refer to Workspace Applications.

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