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Rook Ceph Dashboard

Rook Ceph Dashboard Login

Rook Ceph Cluster provides a Dashboard which can be accessed from the UI in the Application Dashboards tab inside Kommander.

Rook Ceph Dashboard Link in DKP UI

Rook Ceph Dashboard Link in the UI

The dashboard can be used to view current cluster health and logs.

How to Access the Rook Ceph Dashboard

  1. Go to the applications dashboard

  2. Select the Dashboard button

  3. Username is admin

  4. To retrieve your password, in the command line and using the kubeconfig of the Kubernetes cluster you have Rook Ceph deployed to, run the following command:
    NOTE: Set the NAMESPACE variable according to your environment (kommander on management cluster or workspace namespace on attached and managed clusters).

    kubectl get secret -n ${NAMESPACE} rook-ceph-dashboard-password -ogo-template="{{.data.password|base64decode}}"
  5. Copy the password and paste it into the UI to access the dashboard. After successful login, a Healthy Rook Ceph Cluster dashboard will look similar to:

Rook Ceph Cluster Dashboard Homepage

Rook Ceph Cluster Dashboard


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