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Install Kommander in an Air-gapped Environment

How to install Kommander using an Air-gapped installation

Depending on your configuration, there are three different ways you can install DKP to an air-gapped environment.
Ensure you follow the correct procedure for your configuration type below:

DKP Essential:

DKP Enterprise:


Before installing, ensure you have:

  • A Docker registry containing all the necessary Docker installation images, including the Kommander images. See below for how to push the necessary images to this registry.

  • Download the Complete DKP Air-gapped Bundle for this release (i.e. dkp-air-gapped-bundle_v2.4.2_linux_amd64.tar.gz)

  • Connectivity with clusters attaching to the management cluster:

    • Both management and attached clusters must be able to connect to the Docker registry.

    • The management cluster must be able to connect to all attached cluster’s API servers.

    • The management cluster must be able to connect to any load balancers created for platform services on the management cluster.

  • All the prerequisites covered in air-gapped DKP installation.

  • Sufficient resources on your cluster to run Kommander. Review the Management cluster application requirements and Workspace platform application requirements for application requirements.

  • A load balancer to route external traffic which is provided by your cloud provider. For on-premises deployments, you must configure MetalLB. See Load Balancing topic for more details.

Load the Docker Images into Your Docker Registry

Follow these steps:

  1. Assuming you have downloaded dkp-air-gapped-bundle_v2.4.2_linux_amd64.tar.gz , extract the tarball to a local directory:

    tar -xzvf dkp-air-gapped-bundle_v2.4.2_linux_amd64.tar.gz && cd dkp-v2.4.2
  2. See the NOTICES.txt file for 3rd party software attributions in the container-images/ directory.

  3. Set an environment variable with your registry address:

    export DOCKER_REGISTRY_ADDRESS=<registry-address>:<registry-port>
  4. Run the following command to load the air-gapped image bundle into your private Docker registry:

    ./dkp push image-bundle --image-bundle ./container-images/kommander-image-bundle-v2.4.2.tar --to-registry $DOCKER_REGISTRY_ADDRESS

It may take a while to push all the images to your image registry, depending on the performance of the network between the machine you are running the script on and the Docker registry.

Next Step

Choose the correct air-gapped environment from the pages in this section.

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