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Create FIPS 140 Images

Use Konvoy Image Builder to create images with FIPS-compliant binaries

Create FIPS-140 images

KIB can produce images containing FIPS-140 compliant binaries. Use the fips.yaml override file provided with the image bundles.

For example, this command produces a FIPS-compliant image on RHEL 8.4:

konvoy-image build --overrides overrides/fips.yaml images/ami/rhel-84.yaml

Pre-provisioned infrastructure

If you are targeting a pre-provisioned infrastructure, you can create a FIPS-compliant cluster by doing the following:

  1. Create a bootstrap cluster

  2. Create a secret on the bootstrap cluster with the contents from fips.yamloverride file and any other user overrides you wish to provide

kubectl create secret generic $CLUSTER_NAME-fips-overrides --from-file=overrides.yaml=overrides.yaml
kubectl label secret $CLUSTER_NAME-fips-overrides

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