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Pre-provisioned Bootstrap

Bootstrap a kind cluster

A bootstrap cluster refers to a special type of local Kubernetes cluster used to bootstrap other clusters. The bootstrap cluster is required because the controllers that create other Kubernetes clusters require a Kubernetes cluster to run.

Konvoy deploys all cluster lifecycle services to a bootstrap cluster, which deploys a workload cluster. When the workload cluster is ready, move the cluster lifecycle services to the workload cluster. The workload cluster then manages its own lifecycle.

Bootstrap a Kind Cluster and CAPI controllers

Use the following command to create a bootstrap cluster:

dkp create bootstrap

If your environment uses HTTP/HTTPS proxies, you must include the flags --http-proxy, --https-proxy, and --no-proxy and their related values in this command for it to be successful. More information is available in Configure HTTP Proxy.

The output resembles:

✓ Creating a bootstrap cluster
✓ Initializing new CAPI components

When the bootstrap cluster is up, create the correct secrets and overrides.

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