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Cluster-scoped Configuration for Existing AppDeployments

This topic describes how to enable cluster-scoped configuration of applications for existing AppDeployments. For more information on how to create AppDeployments, refer to the Application Deployment section.

Enable or Disable an App per Cluster and Define a Custom Configuration

Edit the AppDeployment resource to modify the configuration of an application per cluster.

For Better Understanding

When you enable an application for a workspace, you deploy this application to all clusters within that workspace. You can also choose to enable or customize an application on certain clusters within a workspace. This functionality allows you to use DKP in a multi-cluster scenario without restricting the management of multiple clusters from a single workspace.

Your DKP cluster comes bundled with a set of default application configurations. If you want to override the default configuration of your applications, you can define workspace configOverrides on top of the default workspace configuration. And if you want to further customize your workplace by enabling applications on a per-cluster basis or by defining per-cluster customizations, you can create and apply clusterConfigOverrides.

The cluster-scoped enablement and customization of applications is an Enterprise-only feature, which allows the configuration of all workspace Platform, DKP catalog and Custom Applications via the CLI in your managed and attached clusters regardless of your environment setup (air-gapped or non-air-gapped). This capability is not provided for project applications.

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