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Advanced Creation of CLI Clusters

Create CLI clusters

This feature is for advanced users and users in unique environments only. We highly recommend using other documented methods to create clusters whenever possible.

Generate Cluster Objects

Depending on your infrastructure, DKP CLI can generate a set of cluster objects that can be customized for unusual use cases. Visit the Advanced Configuration documentation for AWS for an example on how to use the --dry-run and --output flags to create a set of cluster objects.

Use the Upload YAML Form

  1. In the selected workspace Dashboard, select the Add Cluster option in the Actions dropdown menu at the top right.

  2. On the Add Cluster page, select Upload YAML to Create a Cluster and provide advanced cluster details:

    • Workspace: The workspace where this cluster belongs (if within the Global workspace).

    • Cluster YAML: Paste or upload your customized set of cluster objects into this field. Only valid YAML is accepted.

    • Add Labels: By default, your cluster has labels that reflect the infrastructure provider provisioning. For example, your AWS cluster may have a label for the data center region and provider: aws. Cluster labels are matched to the selectors created for Projects. Changing a cluster label may add or remove the cluster from projects.

  3. Click Create to begin provisioning the DKP CLI cluster. This step may take a few minutes, taking time for the cluster to be ready and fully deploy its components. The cluster automatically tries to join, and should resolve after it is fully-provisioned.

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