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Admin-level logs

DKP also includes a Fluentbit instance to collect admin-level log information which is sent to the workspace Grafana Loki that’s running on the cluster. The admin log information includes:

  • Logs for host processes managed by systemd

  • Kernel logs

  • Kubernetes audit logs

This approach helps to isolate the more sensitive logs from Logging-operator, eliminating the possibility that users might gain inadvertent access to that data.

See Fluent Bit for more information about these logs.

On the Management cluster, the Fluentbit application is disabled by default. The amount of admin logs ingested to Loki requires additional disk space to be configured on the rook-ceph-cluster. Enabling admin logs may use around 2GB/day per node. See Rook Ceph in DKP for more details on how to configure the Ceph Cluster.

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