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AWS Air-gapped Bootstrap

Bootstrap a kind cluster and CAPI controllers

Konvoy deploys all cluster lifecycle services to a bootstrap cluster, which deploys a workload cluster. When the workload cluster is ready, move the cluster lifecycle services to the workload cluster, after which the workload cluster manages its own lifecycle.

  1. Download the bootstrap docker image on a machine that has access to this artifact.

    curl -O
  2. Load the bootstrap docker image on your bastion machine.

    docker load -i konvoy-bootstrap_v2.3.3.tar
  3. Create a bootstrap cluster:

    dkp create bootstrap --kubeconfig $HOME/.kube/config
  4. (Optional) Refresh the credentials used by the AWS provider at any time, using the command:

    dkp update bootstrap credentials aws

Then, you can create a cluster.

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