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Environment Variables

Various aspects of the SDK can be configured via the following environment variables.

Logging configuration

  • KAPTAIN_SDK_VERBOSE: will set the output to show all of the pod logs and any event related to Job, Pods, Secrets, and Service Accounts.

  • KAPTAIN_SDK_LOG_TIMEFORMAT: a string used to change the format of the log date time from the default “%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S,%f” following strftime format.

  • KAPTAIN_SDK_DEBUG: will set the logging level to DEBUG for Kaptain related logging.

A "true" value is any of "true", "yes", "y", or "1"; anything else is interpreted as "false". Changing the environment variables KAPTAIN_SDK_LOG_TIMEFORMAT and KAPTAIN_SDK_DEBUG only take effect if used at the beginning of the script or Notebook.

You can also change these environment variables from Python/Jupyter using the variables in kaptain.envs. Changing them this way will make the changes take effect immediately. For example:

import kaptain.envs as envs   # (showing default values)

envs.DEBUG = False
envs.VERBOSE = False
envs.LOG_TIMEFORMAT = "%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S,%f"

Image build configuration

Use the following environment variables to set resources required for image building jobs:

  • DOCKER_BUILDER_CPU_LIMIT: set resources.cpu limit for image building job (default: 1).

  • DOCKER_BUILDER_MEM_LIMIT: set resources.memory limit for image building job (default: 1G).

  • DOCKER_BUILDER_CPU_REQUEST: set resources.cpu request for image building job (default: 500m)

  • DOCKER_BUILDER_MEM_REQUEST: set resources.memory request for image building job (default: 500M)


Use the following environment variables to configure automatic cleanup of the resources created by Kaptain SDK at every step of the model lifecycle.

  • KAPTAIN_SDK_DELETE_EXPERIMENT: If set to “True”, delete the Experiment resource upon the completion of the tuning step. Note: once the experiment is deleted, it will not be available for viewing in the Katib UI.

  • KAPTAIN_SDK_TTL_SECONDS_AFTER_FINISHED: Number of seconds after which a completed training job gets automatically deleted.

  • KAPTAIN_SDK_FORCE_CLEANUP: If set to “True”, delete completed training jobs automatically ignoring the TTL.

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