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Manage storage volumes, volume profiles and volume providers.

dcos storage

Manage storage volumes, volume profiles and volume providers.


The DC/OS Storage Service (DSS) manages persistent storage in the DC/OS cluster. This subcommand allows you to interact with the DSS in order to create volume providers, volume profiles and volumes.

To get going you’ll need to:

  • configure a volume provider to expose storage capacity to the cluster.
  • configure a volume profile that selects storage capacity from the provider.
  • create a volume using the new profile.

We explain each of these concepts below.

A volume provider manages storage capacity from which individual volumes can be carved. Some examples of storage are: LVM volume groups, the Amazon EBS service, etc. In order to expose storage to the DSS you need to configure a volume provider. Once you have created a volume provider its storage capacity becomes available inside your DC/OS cluster. You can read more about volume providers by running dcos storage provider --help.

Volumes are configured using volume profiles. Before you can create individual volumes using your volume providers, you need to create volume profiles. Administering a small number of volume profiles is simpler than configuring every volume individually. A volume profile defines properties shared by all its volumes such as RAID level, volume provider type (e.g., EBS, LVM, etc.), etc. Different volumes in the same profile can have different sizes, but they cannot have different configurations. You can find out more information on volume profiles by running dcos storage profile --help.

Once you’ve created a volume provider and a volume profile you are ready to create a volume. Each volume belongs to a single volume profile. The volume profile specifies which volume providers can create the volume as well as volume properties such as RAID level and stripe size. The size of a volume is given when it is created along with its name and volume profile. Read more about volume provider by running dcos storage volume provider --help.

dcos storage [flags]


Name Description
--info Display binary info

Options inherited from parent commands

Name Description
-h,--help Help for this command.
--timeout duration Override the default operation timeout. (default 55s)
-v,--verbose Verbose mode.