Release Notes

Discover the new features, updates, and known limitations in this release of the NiFi Service

NiFi was released on 17, September 2020

Release Notes for NiFi Service version 1.0.1-1.9.2

This release of the NiFi service updates the SDK version to 0.57.3 which includes important bug fixes.

Bug Fix

  • The following ports are now advertised and will be reserved by Mesos:
    • node-http: NiFi HTTP Port.
    • node-lb: NiFi Load Balance Port
    • node-proto: NiFi Node Protocol Port
    • node-inputsoc: NiFi Input Socket Port

Previously these ports were not advertised to Mesos and other services could have reserved these ports leading to failures after the service tasks are launched.


  • NiFi Node Protocol port has changed from 12000 to 11443