Offload Node

DC/OS NiFi service Offload Node feature

Although DC/OS NiFi supports the offload-node feature of NiFi, we do not recommend using this feature because DC/OS does not support scaling down.

WARNING: After offloading, even if you delete the node, it will not be removed from the cluster. If you run cluster view in the NiFi UI, the node will not be displayed, but it is still running and will consume DC/OS resources.

To offload a node:

  1. Go to Cluster.

    Cluster option

    Figure 1 - Cluster option in NiFi UI

    Cluster view

    Figure 2 - Cluster view in NiFi UI

  2. Disconnect node you want to offload:

    Disconnect node

    Figure 3 - Disconnect node through NiFi UI

    Disconnect node confirmation

    Figure 4 - Disconnect node confirmation NiFi UI

    Disconnect node confirmation

    Figure 5 - Disconnected node in NiFi UI

  3. Select Offload.

    Offload node

    Figure 6 - Offload node in NiFi UI

    Offload node confirmation

    Figure 7 - Offload node cofirmation in NiFi UI

    Offloaded node

    Figure 8 - Offloading node in NiFi UI

    Offloaded node

    Figure 9 - Offloaded node in NiFi UI

  4. Delete offloaded node.

    Delete node

    Figure 10 - Delete offloaded node option in NiFi UI

    Delete node

    Figure 11 - Delete offloaded node confirmation in NiFi UI