Release Notes

Discover the new features, updates, and known limitations in this release of the NiFi Service

Release Notes for NiFi Service version 0.1.0-1.5.0

This is the first release of Apache NiFi to Universe. Based on the latest stable release version of Apache NiFi, version 1.5.0, this installation is supported on DC/OS version 1.9 and later. This has been built using the current stable version of the SDK (Version 0.40.2).

Breaking Changes

This is a first release and you must perform a fresh install.


Based on the latest stable release of the dcos-commons SDK (Version 0.40.2), this installation provides numerous benefits:

  • Integration with DC/OS features such as virtual networking and integration with DC/OS access controls
  • Orchestrated software and configuration update, ability to add new nodes, increase memory and CPU. Installation on DCOS Cluster provides the ability to restart and replace nodes.
  • Placement constraints for pods
  • Uniform user experience across all NiFi Cluster nodes
  • Graceful shutdown for nodes
  • Foldered installation

Bug fixes

This is the first release to Universe. Reported bugs will be fixed in subsequent releases.


Released first version of Service guide with following topics:

Table of Contents