Marathon-LB 1.13.x

Marathon-LB is a load balancing service for TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS requests

Marathon provides a meta-framework for scheduling, container orchestration, and load balancing as part of the Mesosphere DC/OS platform. Marathon load balancer (Marathon-LB) is a proxy server and load balancer for TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS requests based on HAProxy open-source software.

You can configure Marathon-LB with various topologies. Here are some examples of how you might use Marathon-LB:

  • Use Marathon-LB as your edge load balancer running on public-facing nodes to route inbound traffic. In this scenario, Marathon-LB uses the DNS service address (A) records of public-facing nodes to route internal or external acccess requests to application instances.

  • Use Marathon-LB as an internal load balancer with a separate load balancer for routing public traffic. For example, in this scenario, you might use an external F5 load balancer on-premise or an Elastic Load Balancer on Amazon Web Services to route public traffic.

  • Use Marathon-LB strictly as an internal load balancer without providing load balancing for any public-facing traffic.

  • Use Marathon-LB instances in a combination of internal and external load balancers, with different services exposed on different load balancers.