Release Notes

Release notes for 2.8.0-2.3.0

Version 2.8.0-2.3.0


  • Updated the SDK to version 0.57.0. For more information, see release notes for previous SDK releases:

New Features

  • Added new CLI commands (PR #447):
    • dcos kafka topic config
    • dcos kafka topic delete-config
    • dcos kafka acl
  • By upgrading the SDK, Kafka now comes with support for:
    • Quota enforcement
    • Node draining

Version 2.7.0-2.3.0


  • Upgrade the base dcos-commons SDK version to 0.56.2.
  • Upgrade the base tech version of Apache Kafka to 2.3.0. See Kafka’s Release Notes for 2.3.0 for details.
  • Option to configure new listener config max.connections which limits the number of active connections on each listener.

New Features

  • Added support for DC/OS Storage Service (DSS). See official DSS docs for more details.
  • Added better broker health checks. Users can now select between a simple port based check or an advanced producer-consumer check based on a custom heartbeat topic.

Version 2.6.0-2.2.1


  • Upgrade Kafka base tech to version 2.2.1. See Kafka’s Release Notes for details.
  • Upgrade the base dcos-commons SDK version to 0.56.1.
  • Oracle JDK is replaced by OpenJDK 8.

New Features

  • Autosuggestion is available for Service Account and Secrets when launching the service from DC/OS UI
  • Support for Secure JMX
  • Added marathon service scheduler checks
  • Service will fetch all required resources over HTTPS

Version 2.5.0-2.1.0

Important Notes

  • The inter_broker_protocol_version now defaults to the newer 2.1 version. This has a few implications, as described below:

    • Kafka 1.1.0 supports inter_broker_protocol_version: 1.1 maximum, and by default it is set to 1.0.
    • Kafka 2.1.0 supports inter_broker_protocol_versions up to 2.1.
    • If you haven’t specified a inter_broker_protocol_version in your options file, the new default will be used and changed to 2.1. This will cause downtime during the upgrade when some Kafka nodes will be on Kafka 1.1.0 using inter_broker_protocol_version 1.0 and others will be on Kafka 2.1.0 using protocol 2.1.

    To avoid any potential downtime, change the protocol version used when upgrading Kafka.

    • Set up CLI to connect to a soak cluster

    • Update your options_file.json with the following contents:

          "kafka": {
              "inter_broker_protocol_version": "1.0"
    • And update your service like so:

      ~$ dcos package install --cli --yes kafka
      ~$ dcos kafka --name=data-services/kafka update start \
          --package-version=2.5.0-2.1.0 \


  • Upgrade Kafka base tech to version 2.1.0. See Kafka’s Release Notes more for details.
  • Upgrade Zookeeper Client version to 3.4.13.

Version 2.4.0-1.1.1


  • Upgrade Kafka base tech to version 1.1.1. See Kafka’s Release Notes for details.
  • Upgrade the base dcos-commons SDK version to 0.55.2.
  • Upgrade Zookeeper Client version to 3.4.13.

New Features

  • Number of open file descriptors is now configurable via the RLIMIT_NOFILE_SOFT and RLIMIT_NOFILE_HARD configuration parameters.
  • Timeouts for readiness checks are now configurable via the READINESS_CHECK_INTERVAL, READINESS_CHECK_DELAY and READINESS_CHECK_TIMEOUT configuration parameters.

Version 2.3.0-1.1.0


Version 2.3.0-1.0.0

New Features

  • Support for configuring Kafka transport encryption ciphers with secure defaults.

Version 2.2.0-1.0.0

New Features

Version 2.1.0-1.0.0

New Features

  • Support for the automated provisioning of TLS artifacts to secure Kafka communication.
  • Support for Kerberos and SSL authorization and authentication.
  • Support for Zone placement constraints in DC/OS 1.11.
  • Ability to pause a service pod for debugging and recovery purposes.


  • Major improvements to the stability and performance of service orchestration.
  • Protocol and log version defaults are also set to 1.0.
  • Improve Kafka’s ZK library to enable re-resolution as required on virtual networks
  • Upgrade the JRE to 1.8u162
  • The service now uses the Mesos V1 API. The service can be set back to the V0 API using the service property service.mesos_api_version.

Version 2.0.4-1.0.0


  • Upgraded to Kafka v1.0.0.

NOTE: Protocol and log version defaults are set to 0.11.0. After upgrading to this version, they may be set to 1.0.0.

Version 2.0.3-0.11.0

Bug Fixes

  • Uninstall now handles failed tasks correctly.
  • Fixed a timing issue in the broker readiness check that caused brokers to be stuck in STARTING when the service is allocated more than 2 CPUs per broker.

Version 2.0.2-0.11.0

Bug Fixes

  • Dynamic ports are no longer sticky across pod replaces
  • Further fixes to scheduler behavior during task status transitions.


  • Updated JRE version to 8u144.
  • Improved handling of error codes in service CLI.

Version 2.0.1-0.11.0

Bug Fixes

  • Tasks will correctly bind on DC/OS 1.10.


  • Updated post-install links for package.
  • Updated
  • Ensured previous content is present.

Version 2.0.0-0.11.0


  • Based on the latest stable release of the dcos-commons SDK, which provides numerous benefits:
    • Integration with DC/OS features such as virtual networking and integration with DC/OS access controls.
    • Orchestrated software and configuration update, enforcement of version upgrade paths, and ability to pause/resume updates.
    • Placement constraints for pods.
    • Uniform user experience across a variety of services.
  • Graceful shutdown for brokers.
  • Update to version of Apache Kafka (including log and protocol versions).

Breaking Changes

  • This is a major release. You cannot upgrade to version 2.0.0-0.11.0 from a 1.0.x version of the package. To upgrade, you must perform a fresh install and replicate data across clusters.