Jenkins for DC/OS Release Notes

Discover the new features, updates, and known limitations in this release of the Jenkins for DC/OS Service

Jenkins 4.0.0-2.204.6 was released on 16, July 2020.

Jenkins 4.0.0-2.204.6


  • Updates to Jenkins version 2.204.6 (LTS)
  • Updates jenkins-mesos-plugin to 2.0.0 which is a major overhaul of the plugin.
  • Support for configurable Jenkins plugins
    • Removes previous hardcoded list of bundled plugins.
    • A list of user desired plugins can be specified at installation time which will be installed into the service before it is started.
  • Jenkins Configuration as Code (JCasC) is bundled by default and is used to configure Jenkins and its plugins.

Changes from previous 3.x.y releases.

  • Configuration options have changed significantly from the previous releases. See the options compatiblity matrix for differences between current and previous releases.
  • Universal Container Runtime (UCR) is now the default containerizer for the Jenkins master.
  • The default user has changed from root to nobody for both the Jenkins Master and Agents.
  • Agent label linux is applied by default.