Jenkins Service Architecture


The DC/OS Jenkins service bundles the Jenkins Automation Server with the Jenkins Mesos Plugin which lets users dispatch Jenkins jobs on a DC/OS Cluster.

Container Runtimes


By default the DC/OS Jenkins service uses the Docker Engine as its default containerizer for both the Jenkins Master and the Agents. Users are recommended to use this runtime if they intend to ugprade from existing installations of the Jenkins service.

Universal Container Runtime (UCR)

The Universal Container Runtime (UCR) is optionally supported on the Jenkins Master. UCR is available as the containerizer on the Jenkins agents but its use is opt-in and not supported at this time.


The DC/OS Jenkins service starting with DC/OS 2.0 supports multi-tenancy. Users should familiarize themselves with Quota and Resource Managment Primitives in DC/OS. In particular, service-accounts in a quota enforced group must be given the correct role permissions for the service to launch and perform its operations.