Getting Started

Download and install DC/OS Monitoring Service

This page describes how to download and install the DC/OS Monitoring service. By default, Prometheus and Grafana are run with the default configuration options. Alertmanager is off by default and must be configured to be turned on.


  • DC/OS 1.12 or later.
  • DC/OS CLI is installed.
  • You are logged in as a superuser.

Install DC/OS Monitoring service

Download the package

The DC/OS Monitoring package is installable via the catalog.

Install the service

Use the following command to install the service.

dcos package install dcos-monitoring --package-version=<VERSION>

NOTE: The command `dcos package install` will install the DC/OS Monitoring service as well as the package CLI.

DC/OS Monitoring CLI

You can install the DC/OS Monitoring CLI with the following command.

IMPORTANT: If you install DC/OS Monitoring via the DC/OS GUI, you must install the DC/OS Monitoring CLI as a separate step from the DC/OS CLI.

dcos package install dcos-monitoring --cli

Configure the DC/OS Monitoring CLI with the package name.

dcos config set monitoring.service_name dcos-monitoring

Verify service deployment

After installing the package CLI, you can monitor the deployment of your service by executing the following command:

dcos monitoring plan show deploy

You can also go to the Services > Deployments tab of the DC/OS GUI to monitor the deployment.

Access Grafana dashboards

WARNING: It is recommended to access Grafana via Edge-LB. If you access Grafana via AdminRouter then it can limit the capabilities of Grafana. For example, some graphs will not work under load.

Assuming the service name is dcos-monitoring (default), you should be able to access the Grafana dashboards using the following URL:


Read more information about accessing the Grafana UI.