Getting Started

Download and install DC/OS Monitoring Service

This page describes how to download and install the DC/OS Monitoring service. By default, Prometheus and Grafana are run with the default configuration options. Alertmanager is off by default and must be configured by the user in order to be run.


  • DC/OS 1.12 or later.
  • DC/OS CLI is installed.
  • You are logged in as a superuser.

Install DC/OS Monitoring service

Download the package

The DC/OS Monitoring package is installable via the catalog.

Install the service

Use the following command to install the service.

dcos package install dcos-monitoring --package-version=<VERSION>

NOTE: The command `dcos package install` will install the DC/OS Monitoring service as well as the package CLI.

DC/OS Monitoring CLI

You can install the DC/OS Monitoring CLI with the following command.

IMPORTANT: If you install DC/OS Monitoring via the DC/OS GUI, you must install the DC/OS Monitoring CLI as a separate step from the DC/OS CLI.

dcos package install dcos-monitoring --cli

Configure the DC/OS Monitoring CLI with the package name.

dcos config set monitoring.service_name dcos-monitoring

Verify service deployment

After installing the package CLI, you can monitor the deployment of your service by executing the following command:

dcos monitoring plan show deploy

You can also go to the Services > Deployments tab of the DC/OS GUI to monitor the deployment.

Access Grafana dashboards

WARNING: It is recommended to access Grafana via Edge-LB. If you access Grafana via AdminRouter then it can limit the capabilities of Grafana. For example, some graphs will not work under load.

Assuming the service name is dcos-monitoring (default), you should be able to access the Grafana dashboards using the following URL:


Read more information about accessing the Grafana UI.