Release Notes


Release notes for 2.10.0-2.4.0-beta

Version 2.10.0-2.4.0-beta


  • Added custom TLS certificate support for Kafka. Refer to Custom TLS certificates guide for a more detailed configuration process.
  • Upgrade the base tech version of Apache Kafka to 2.4.0. See Kafka’s Release Notes for 2.4.0 for details.
  • Updated the SDK to version 0.57.3
  • Updated the scheduler JRE to v11.

Important Notes

  • Apache Kafka 2.4.0 introduces [KAFKA-7335] - Store clusterId locally to ensure broker joins the right cluster, which means that a Kafka cluster will store the clusterId locally so that it does not join the wrong Zookeeper cluster accidentally. Therefore, if your Kafka service is connected to default DC/OS Zookeeper, changing the Zookeeper path is not permitted. Please check here for more information.