Uninstalling DC/OS on AWS EC2

Uninstalling DC/OS running on AWS EC2

You can uninstall DC/OS running on AWS EC2 with these instructions.

Caution: You will continue to be charged AWS fees if:

  • You delete only the individual EC2 instances, not the entire stack. If you delete only the individual instances, AWS will restart your DC/OS cluster.
  • Your stack fails to delete. You must monitor the stack deletion process to ensure it completes successfully.
  • Your S3 bucket is not empty.

To uninstall DC/OS on AWS:

  1. Select your cluster on the Cloud Formation Management page and click Delete Stack. For more information, see Deleting a Stack on the AWS CloudFormation Console.

  2. Navigate to the S3 Management Console and delete your DC/OS buckets. For more information, see Deleting or Emptying a Bucket.