dcos service log

Displaying the service logs


The dcos service log command displays the service logs.

IMPORTANT: To view the native DC/OS Marathon logs using the dcos service log marathon command, you must be on the same network or connected by VPN to your cluster. For more information, see Accessing native DC/OS Marathon logs.


dcos service log [--follow --lines=N --ssh-config-file=<path> --user=<user>] <service> [<file>]


Name Default Description
--follow Print data as the log file grows.
--lines=N 10 Displays the last N lines.
--ssh-config-file=<path> The path to the SSH config file. This is used to access the Marathon logs.
--user=<user> User ID.

Positional arguments

Name Description
<file> The service log filename for the Mesos sandbox. The default is stdout.
<service> The DC/OS service name.

Parent command

Command Description
dcos service Manage DC/OS services.