dcos job show

Displaying job definitions


The dcos job show command displays a job definition.


dcos job show <job-id> [--json]


Name Description
-h, --help Print usage.

Positional arguments

Name Description
<job-id> Specify the job ID. You can view the job IDs with the dcos job list command.


Show the job definition

In this example, the job definition for my-scheduled-job is shown.

dcos job show my-scheduled-job

Here is the output:

  "description": "A job that sleeps on a schedule",
  "id": "my-scheduled-job",
  "labels": {},
  "run": {
    "artifacts": [],
    "cmd": "sleep 20000",
    "cpus": 0.01,
    "disk": 0,
    "env": {},
    "maxLaunchDelaySeconds": 300,
    "mem": 32,
    "placement": {
      "constraints": []
    "restart": {
      "policy": "NEVER"
    "volumes": []

Parent command

Command Description
dcos job Deploy and manage jobs in DC/OS.