dcos job schedule show

Viewing a job schedule


The dcos job schedule show command allows you to view a job schedule.


dcos job schedule show <job-id> [--json]


Name Description
-h, --help Print usage.
--json Print JSON-formatted list instead of a table.

Positional arguments

Name Description
<job-id> Specify the job ID. You can view the job IDs with the dcos job list command.


View job schedule

In this example, a job named my-scheduled-job is reviewed.

dcos job schedule show my-scheduled-job

Here is the output:

ID             CRON        ENABLED            NEXT RUN            CONCURRENCY POLICY
sleep-nightly  20 0 * * *    True   2017-02-19T00:20:00.000+0000        ALLOW

Parent command

Command Description
dcos job Deploy and manage jobs in DC/OS.