dcos job history

Displaying the job run history


The dcos job history command allows you to view your job run history.


dcos job history <job-id> [--json|--quiet] [--failures --last]


Name Description
--json Display JSON-formatted list.
-q, --quiet Indicates a quiet mode which results in just an array of run ids.
-f, failures Show the failure table and statistics for history.
-l, --last Shows the last ID for history job.

Positional arguments

Name Description
<job-id> Specify the job ID.


View the history of a job

In this example, a job history is shown.

  1. List the jobs and find the ID:

    dcos job list

    Here is the output:

    ID                DESCRIPTION                      STATUS       LAST SUCCESFUL RUN
    my-job            A job that sleeps                Unscheduled         N/A
    my-scheduled-job  A job that sleeps on a schedule  Unscheduled         N/A
  2. View the job history for my-scheduled-job:

    dcos job history my-scheduled-job

    Here is the output:

    'my-scheduled-job'  Successful runs: 1 Last Success: 2017-02-17T23:18:33.842+0000
    ID                             STARTED                       FINISHED
    20170217231831HkXNK  2017-02-17T23:18:31.651+0000  2017-02-17T23:18:33.843+0000

    IMPORTANT: Be sure to specify the --json option to view the JSON app definition (for example, dcos job history my-scheduled-job).

Parent command

Command Description
dcos job Deploy and manage jobs in DC/OS.