dcos backup show


Viewing details of a backup


The dcos backup show command shows the details of a specified backup.


dcos backup show <backup id> [flags]


Name Description
--help, h Display help for this command.

Positional Arguments

Name Description
<backup id> ID number or label of existing backup.


  1. To find the backup ID for all your backups, run dcos backup list.

    $ dcos backup list
    BACKUP ID                                        VERSION     STATUS           TIMESTAMP
    ---------                                        -------     ------           ---------
    backup2-c55c20e9-ba3f-46a6-b944-20a790b5491a     1.13.0      STATUS_READY     2019-03-18 23:15:47.639999548 +0000 UTC
    backup3-317c19df-34e4-41a0-93c9-d66c7f307208     1.13.0      STATUS_READY     2019-03-18 23:16:33.265478871 +0000 UTC
  2. Now you can run your dcos backup show command with the backup ID:

    $ dcos backup show backup3-317c19df-34e4-41a0-93c9-d66c7f307208
        "dcos_version": "1.13.0",
        "id": "backup3-317c19df-34e4-41a0-93c9-d66c7f307208",
        "component_status": {
            "marathon": {
                "status": "STATUS_READY"
        "timestamp": "2019-03-18T23:16:33.265478871Z",
        "status": "STATUS_READY"

Parent command

Command Description
dcos backup Create, delete, list, restore and show backup commands.