External User Account Management

Managing external user accounts

NOTE: An external user is automatically created for the first user who logs in to the DC/OS cluster via the web interface.

Add an external user account

Using the web interface

  1. Log in to the web interface.

  2. Click on Organization in the left hand menu. From the Users screen, click the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner, and fill in the new user email address.

new DC/OS user

Figure 1. Adding a new user

Using the command line

You can add external users to your DC/OS cluster from a terminal by using the dcos_add_user.py script.


  1. SSH to a master node and run this command, where <email> is the user’s email:

    sudo -i dcos-shell /opt/mesosphere/bin/dcos_add_user.py <email>
  2. Send the URL of your DC/OS cluster (e.g. http://<public-master-ip>/) to the new user. The user specified by <email> can now login and access the cluster.

Remove an external user account

Using the web interface

  1. From the Users screen, select the user name and click Delete.
  2. Click Delete to confirm the action.

Figure 2. Deleting a user