External User Login

Logging in to DC/OS as an external user

Login using the DC/OS CLI


  1. To log in to the DC/OS CLI, enter the following auth login command.

    dcos auth login --provider dcos-oidc-auth0
    If your browser didn't open, please go to the following link:
    Enter OpenID Connect ID Token: 
  2. Follow the displayed instructions to trigger the browser login flow.

  3. After logging in through your provider, copy the OpenID Connect ID token that appears in the browser.

  4. Paste the OpenID Connect ID token into the DC/OS CLI for login completion.

    NOTE: The --provider argument is set to dcos-oidc-auth0 by default.

  5. Display the DC/OS Authentication token by executing the following command.

    dcos config show core.dcos_acs_token
  6. Export the DC/OS Authentication token into environment as TOKEN to use it in API requests:

    export TOKEN=$(dcos config show core.dcos_acs_token)

Login using the web interface

  1. Launch the DC/OS web interface.
  2. Log in through a single sign-on flow using the identity provider of your choice (Google, GitHub, or Microsoft).

NOTE: The Single Sign-On flow will result in the DC/OS Authentication token being stored in a browser cookie.