Package Management API


Installing DC/OS services using the Package Management API

You can install DC/OS services by using the Package Management API. DC/OS services are installed from packages that are stored in a package registry, such as the Mesosphere Catalog.

The DC/OS Package Manager (Cosmos) component runs on all master nodes.

For information about managing package repositories, see Managing Package Repositories.

For information about managing services, see Deploying Services and Pods.


Admin Router proxies three routes to the DC/OS Package Manager (Cosmos):

Route Resource
/cosmos/service/ /service/
/package/ /package/
/capabilities /capabilities


All Package Management API routes require authentication to use. To authenticate API requests, see Obtaining an authentication token and Passing an authentication token. The Package Management API also requires authorization via the following permissions:

Route Permission
/cosmos/service/ dcos:adminrouter:package
/package/ dcos:adminrouter:package
/capabilities dcos:adminrouter:capabilities

All routes may also be reached by users with the dcos:superuser permission. To assign permissions to your account, see Permissions Reference.


The following resources are available under both of the above routes: