DC/OS Enterprise CLI


Configuring the DC/OS Enterprise command line interface

The DC/OS Enterprise CLI provides commands for DC/OS Enterprise features:

Installing the DC/OS Enterprise CLI

The DC/OS Enterprise CLI is automatically installed when setting up the connection from the CLI to your DC/OS cluster.

To confirm that the dcos-enterprise-cli is installed, run dcos plugin list. You can see the enterprise CLI there as it is now a standard plugin. To manage, read our documentation about CLI plugins.

The previous installation process using dcos package install dcos-enterprise-cli is deprecated since DC/OS 1.13 and the DC/OS CLI 0.8.

Deprecated installation (DC/OS <= 1.12)


The DC/OS CLI must already be installed.

NOTE: The DC/OS Enterprise CLI must be installed from the DC/OS CLI. You cannot install the DC/OS Enterprise CLI from the Catalog in the web interface.

To install the DC/OS Enterprise CLI, issue the following command from a terminal prompt.

dcos package install dcos-enterprise-cli

NOTE: Do not use sudo.

Upgrading the DC/OS Enterprise CLI

A reinstall of the DC/OS Enterprise CLI upgrades the package.

dcos package install dcos-enterprise-cli

Uninstalling the DC/OS Enterprise CLI

To uninstall the DC/OS Enterprise CLI, issue the following command.

dcos package uninstall dcos-enterprise-cli