dcos node ssh

Establishing an SSH connection to master or agent nodes


The dcos node ssh command allows you to establish an SSH connection to the master or agent nodes of your DC/OS cluster.


dcos node ssh (--leader | --mesos-id=<mesos-id> | --private-ip=<private-ip>) [--config-file=<path>]  [--user=<user>]  [--master-proxy]  [--option SSHOPT=VAL ...]  [--proxy-ip=<proxy-ip>]  [<command>]


Name Default Description
--leader The leading master.
--mesos-id=<mesos-id> The agent ID of a node.
--private-ip=<private-ip> Agent node with the provided private IP.
--config-file=<path> Path to SSH configuration file.
--user=<user> core The SSH user.
--master-proxy Proxy the SSH connection through a master node. This can be useful when accessing DC/OS from a separate network. For example, in the default AWS configuration, the private agents are unreachable from the public internet. You can access them using this option, which will proxy the SSH connection through the publicly reachable master.
--option SSHOPT=VAL The SSH options. For more information, enter man ssh_config in your terminal.
--proxy-ip=<proxy-ip> Proxy the SSH connection through a different IP address.

Positional arguments

Name Description
<command> Command to execute on the DCOS cluster node.


For an example, see the documentation.

Parent command

Command Description
dcos node View DC/OS node information.