dcos node log

Displaying Mesos logs for nodes


The dcos node log command displays the Mesos logs for the leading master node, agent nodes, or both.


dcos node log [--follow --lines=N --leader --mesos-id=<mesos-id>]  [--component=<component-name> --filter=<filter>...]


Name Default Description
--help, h Displays usage.
--leader The leading master.
--follow Dynamically update the log.
--lines=N 10 Displays the last N lines.
--mesos-id=<mesos-id> The agent ID of a node.
--component=<component-name> Show DC/OS component logs.
--filter=<filter> Filter logs by field and value. Filter must be a string separated by colon. For example: --filter _PID:0 --filter _UID:1.

Parent command

Command Description
dcos node View DC/OS node information.