dcos config set

Adding or setting DC/OS configuration properties


The dcos config set command will add or set a property in the configuration file used for the current cluster. Table 1 shows the available properties.


dcos config set <name> <value> [flags]


Name Description
--help, h Display usage.

Positional arguments

Name Description
<name> The name of the property
<value> The value of the property

Table 1 - Properties

Name Value
core.dcos_acs_token The DC/OS authentication token. When you log into the DC/OS CLI using dcos auth login, it stores the authentication token value locally. For more information, see the IAM API.
core.dcos_url The public master URL of your DC/OS cluster
core.mesos_master_url The Mesos master URL. Defaults to core.dcos_url
core.pagination Indicates whether to paginate output. Defaults to true.
core.ssl_verify Indicates whether to verify SSL certificates or set the path to the SSL certificates
core.timeout The request timeout in seconds, with a minimum value of 1 second. Defaults to 3 minutes.
core.ssh_user The user used when using ssh to connect to a node of your DC/OS cluster. Defaults to “core”.
core.ssh_proxy_ip Whether to use a fixed ssh proxy host (Bastion) for node SSH access.
core.reporting Whether to report usage events to Mesosphere.
core.prompt_login Whether to prompt the user to log in when token expired; otherwise automatically initiate login.
cluster.name Human readable name of cluster.
job.url Api URL for talking to the Metronome scheduler.
job.service_name The name of the metronome cluster.
marathon.url Base URL for talking to Marathon. It overwrites the value specified in core.dcos_url.
package.cosmos_url Base URL for talking to Cosmos. It overwrites the value specified in core.dcos_url.


Set request timeout

In this example, the request timeout is set to five minutes.

dcos config set core.timeout 300

If the command is successful, no confirmation will be displayed. To verify that the property was set, run dcos config show:

dcos config show
cluster.name user_13-3fwr25e
core.dcos_acs_token ********
core.dcos_url http://user_13-elasticl-1x5proho90v2b-1931064628.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com
core.timeout 300

Set SSL setting

In this example, verification of SSL certificates for HTTPS is set to true.

dcos config set core.ssl_verify true

If the command is successful, no confirmation will be shown.

To verify that the property has been set, use dcos config show:

[core.ssl_verify]: set to 'true'

Parent command

Command Description
dcos config Manage DC/OS configuration