DC/OS Authentication Token

Getting familiar with DC/OS Authentication tokens

DC/OS uses JSON Web Tokens for authenticating requests to the cluster. In DC/OS terminology, these are named DC/OS Authentication tokens. The Identity and Access Manager is the only entity in the cluster that issues DC/OS Authentication tokens.

DC/OS Authentication token format

A DC/OS Authentication token is a RFC 7519 JSON Web Token (JWT) of type RS256. The JWT payload contains the user or service ID that the token was issued for in the (uid) claim and an (exp) claim indicating the time after which the token will be considered invalid.

JWT Header

    "alg": "RS256",
    "typ": "JWT"

JWT Payload

    "uid": "<uid>",
    "exp": <expiration_time>

In the process of generating a new DC/OS Authentication token, the IAM signs the token with its private key. DC/OS Authentication tokens can be inspected via jwt.io or via your favorite JWT library.

Lifetime and renewal

In DC/OS Open Source, Authentication tokens are valid for five days after they have been issued. After five days, you must log in again to obtain a new token. Using service accounts and the service login make it easy to automate this process when deploying long-running services.

Obtain a DC/OS Authentication token

DC/OS authentication tokens can be obtained by any registered user of the cluster. The way to obtain a DC/OS authentication is by logging in to DC/OS. The login method varies by interface and user type.

If you want to get an authentication token then you can refer to the following types of user specific login documentations.

Pass an Authentication token to the API


You can make external calls to HTTP API endpoints of your DC/OS cluster. You must first obtain an authentication token and then include it in your HTTP request. A DC/OS Authentication token must be passed in the Authorization HTTP header. The header value must start with token= followed by the token, as shown below.

Authorization: token=eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJ1aWQiOiJib290c3RyYXB1c2VyIiwiZXhwIjoxNDgyNjE1NDU2fQ.j3_31keWvK15shfh_BII7w_10MgAj4ay700Rub5cfNHyIBrWOXbedxdKYZN6ILW9vLt3t5uCAExOOFWJkYcsI0sVFcM1HSV6oIBvJ6UHAmS9XPqfZoGh0PIqXjE0kg0h0V5jjaeX15hk-LQkp7HXSJ-V7d2dXdF6HZy3GgwFmg0Ayhbz3tf9OWMsXgvy_ikqZEKbmPpYO41VaBXCwWPmnP0PryTtwaNHvCJo90ra85vV85C02NEdRHB7sqe4lKH_rnpz980UCmXdJrpO4eTEV7FsWGlFBuF5GAy7_kbAfi_1vY6b3ufSuwiuOKKunMpas9_NfDe7UysfPVHlAxJJgg

IMPORTANT: Formats like `Bearer ` are not supported.