Release notes for 2.0.6

Release notes for DC/OS 2.0.6, including Open Source attribution, and version policy.

DC/OS™ 2.0.6 was released on 13 August, 2020.

New customers, contact your sales representative or before attempting to download and install DC/OS Enterprise.

Release Summary

DC/OS is a distributed operating system that enables you to manage resources, application deployment, data services, networking, and security in an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid cluster environment.



DC/OS 2.0.6 includes the following component versions:

  • Apache Mesos 1.9.1-dev
  • Marathon 1.9.136
  • DC/OS UI 5.1.7
  • Fluentbit 1.4.6

DC/OS Fixed and Improved Issues

  • An issue where selecting Install DC/OS CLI presents a URL to a binary that is incorrect as been fixed. (COPS-6360)
  • An issue where the Mesos Authorizer module was trying to authorize the dcos_anonymous account on permissive security mode has been resolved. (COPS-6335, D2iQ-70037)
  • An issue where selecting Run on a job or selecting Delete to remove a group had no effect and threw an exception has been resolved. (COPS-6324)
  • An issue where DC/OS OSS UI was not displaying a user name, but instead showed a User added through OIDC ID Token login message has been resolved. (COPS-6295, D2iQ-70199)
  • An issue where renaming or deleting folders via the Jupyter UI resulted in a Rename Error and Delete Failed has been resolved. (COPS-6166, DCOS_OSS-5967)
  • An issue where users were unable to remove empty folders from Metronome has been resolved. (COPS-6139, D2iQ-68541)
  • An issue where Exhibitor was writing JNA files to /tmp has been resolved (COPS-6111, D2iQ-68109, D2iQ-68868)
  • An issue where using file-based secrets caused mount failure and issues in the json editor have been resolved. (COPS-6085, D2iQ-68114, D2iQ-67819)
  • An issue where an unknown response code was received when querying DC/OS health endpoints has been resolved. (COPS-5915, COPS-5979, D2iQ-65296)
  • An issue where Telgraf was consuming too much CPU has been resolved. (COPS-5629)
  • An issue where after an upgrade, the dcos-telegraf directories had incorrect permissions leading to a problem launching tasks was resolved. (COPS-6232, D2iQ-69295)
  • An issue where pressing Enter in the Secret ID textbox, reloads the DC/OS UI has been resolved. (D2iQ-14964)
  • An issue where running two CLI installers from the same machine aborted with an error has been resolved. (D2iQ-7844)
  • An issue where a master node was not able to rejoin a cluster after failure/restart when another master is offline or being upgraded is now resolved. (COPS-1754, D2iQ-4248)

Mesos Fixed and Improved Issues

For a detailed description on updates to Mesos, see the changelog

Marathon Fixed and Improved Issues

For a detailed description on updates to Marathon, see the changelog.

Metronome Fixed and Improved Issues

For a detailed description on updates to Metronome, see the changelog.