Using the Cluster menu

From the UI, you can view a summary of the statistics for a single cluster or for linked clusters.


To see a display of the details of your cluster configuration, click on Cluster > Overview.

Cluster Overview

Figure 1 - Cluster Overview

This view displays General details, Apache® Mesos® details, Marathon™ details, and information about your Bootstrap configuration.

You can see the IP address of your cluster from the drop down menu in the upper right corner.

Cluster menu

Figure 2 - Cluster menu

Linked clusters Enterprise

Multiple clusters are used for isolation (for example, testing versus production), accommodating geographic distribution, and so on. DC/OS multiple cluster operations make management and access of multiple DC/OS clusters easy for both operators and users.

To see a display of the details of your linked clusters, click on Linked Clusters.

Linked clusters

Figure 3 - Linked clusters

For detailed information about linked clusters see the multiple clusters documentation.