dcos node

Displaying DC/OS node information

WARNING: Use of the dcos node command for listing nodes is deprecated from DC/OS 1.13 onward. To list dcos nodes, use the dcos node list command instead.


The dcos node commands allow you to view DC/OS node information.


dcos node [OPTION]


Name Description
--help, h Displays usage.
--info Displays a short description of this subcommand.
--json Displays JSON-formatted data.
--version Displays version information.


dcos node
Getting the list of nodes from `dcos node` is deprecated. Please use `dcos node list`.
   HOSTNAME        IP            PUBLIC IP(S)                       ID                            TYPE            REGION          ZONE       02b1bdc8-2bac-44a0-81ff-65816936b97b-S1   agent            aws/us-west-2  aws/us-west-2a       02b1bdc8-2bac-44a0-81ff-65816936b97b-S0   agent (public)   aws/us-west-2  aws/us-west-2a
master.mesos.       02b1bdc8-2bac-44a0-81ff-65816936b97b      master (leader)  aws/us-west-2  aws/us-west-2a