dcos config show

Showing the cluster configuration file


The dcos config show command will display the DC/OS configuration file contents of the currently attached cluster.


dcos config set <name> <value> [flags]


Name Description
--help, h Display usage.

Positional arguments

Name Description
<name> The name of the property
<value> The value of the property


View a specific configuration value

In this example, the DC/OS URL is shown.

dcos config show core.dcos_url

Here is the output:


View all configuration values

In this example, all config values are shown.

dcos config show

Here is the output:

cluster.name MyCluster
core.dcos_acs_token ********
core.dcos_url http://mycluster-elasticl-7qbh2zcfyz6h-4734.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com

Parent command

Command Description
dcos config Manage DC/OS configuration