Introducing DC/OS

Provides step-by-step instructions to introduce basic DC/OS cluster tasks

If you are setting up a demonstration environment as a proof-of-concept for testing or evaluation purposes or creating a small cluster for application development or a specific project, you can use the steps in this tutorial to get started using DC/OS.

This introduction to DC/OS tutorial covers the following basic tasks:

  • how to download and install cluster files
  • how to create a small cluster
  • how to install and deploy packages, services, and applications
  • how to view and verifying cluster activity

For a production environment or larger scale deployment, additional planning and deployment steps are required. For example, you might have sufficient permissions to set up a demonstration environment or small cluster. In a production or enterprise deployment, however, you might have more restrictive privileges or be explicitly assigned specific permissions based on your role.

Intended audience

This tutorial provides users and application developers an overview of DC/OS basics, including the steps required to deploy and orchestrate a few sample applications in a distributed cluster environment.

After completing this tutorial, you will have hands-on experience deploying multiple applications on a cluster. Along the way, the tutorial also suggests links to additional documentation for background or more detailed information into related topics for you to explore further.

What you’ll find

This introduction to DC/OS contains tutorials for working with DC/OS Open Source and Enterprise clusters. Each tutorial illustrates how to accomplish a specific goal. In most cases, each goal involves a sequence of steps. In a production environment, you might need to perform additional steps or choose to perform these steps in a different order.

IMPORTANT: Tutorials are intended to give you hands-on experience working with a limited set of DC/OS features with no implied or explicit warranty of any kind. None of the information provided--including sample scripts, commands, or applications--is officially supported by Mesosphere. You should not use this information in a production environment without independent testing and validation.