Release notes for 1.13.5

Release notes for DC/OS 1.13.5, including Open Source attribution, and version policy.

DC/OS 1.13.5 was released on 2 October 2019.

Registered DC/OS Enterprise customers can access the DC/OS Enterprise configuration file from the support website. For new customers, contact your sales representative or before attempting to download and install DC/OS Enterprise.

Release summary

DC/OS is a distributed operating system that enables you to manage resources, application deployment, data services, networking, and security in an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid cluster environment.

  • Updated to Mesos 1.8.2-dev

  • Updated to Marathon 1.8.227.

Fixed and Improved Issues in DC/OS 1.13.5

  • Marathon: Fixed a bug in which a service could get stuck if a failure occurred while Mesos tried to create a reservation. (MARATHON-8693)
  • Updated dcos-backup to support accessing Exhibitor through Admin Router. This is needed when Exhibitor mutual TLS authentication is enabled. (DCOS-57704) Enterprise
  • Metronome: Post-install configuration can now be added to /var/lib/dcos/metronome/environment. (DCOS_OSS-5509)
  • Mesos overlay networking: Added an HTTP endpoint for dropping agents from the state. (DCOS_OSS-5536, COPS-5281)
  • Admin Router: Improved service routing robustness by omitting Marathon apps with wrongly specified DCOS_SERVICE_PORT_INDEX values. (COPS-5147, DCOS_OSS-5491)
  • Strict volume name validation was not relaxed enough in DC/OS release 1.13.4; this has been resolved. (MARATHON-8697, MARATHON-8681, COPS-5219)
  • Mesos: Fixed race condition between two terminal task status updates for Docker/Command executor. (COPS-4995, MESOS-9887)


  • Reduce the amount of storage logs in the diagnostic bundle. (DCOS-58314) Enterprise
  • Diagnostics bundle: Added a REST API with performance improvements. (DCOS_OSS-5098)
  • Diagnostics bundle: Fixed a bug in which the bundle creation job duration was shown as ever-increasing, even after the job finished. (DCOS_OSS-5494)