Export DC/OS Metrics to Datadog

Sending DC/OS metrics to Datadog

DC/OS 1.12 and later sends metrics via Telegraf, which may be configured to export metrics to Datadog. There is no need to install a metrics plugin, as in DC/OS 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11. This page explains how to add the appropriate configuration to DC/OS.


  • You must have the DC/OS CLI installed and be logged in as a superuser via the dcos auth login command.

Configuring Telegraf to export metrics to Datadog

  1. Create a file named datadog.conf with the following content:

    # Transmit all metrics to Datadog
      ## Datadog API key
      apikey = "my-secret-key"
      ## Connection timeout
      # timeout = "5s"
  2. Replace the apikey value with your Datadog API key.

  3. On every node in your cluster, do the following tasks:

    1. Upload the datadog.conf file to /var/lib/dcos/telegraf/telegraf.d/datadog.conf.
    2. Restart the Telegraf process with your new configuration by running sudo systemctl restart dcos-telegraf command.
    3. Check the Datadog UI to see the incoming DC/OS metrics.