Deploying Jobs

Creating a job without installing a separate service

You can create scheduled jobs in DC/OS without installing a separate service. Create and administer jobs in the DC/OS UI, the DC/OS CLI, or via an API.

NOTE: Job scheduling in DC/OS is provided by the DC/OS Jobs (Metronome) component, an open source Mesos framework that comes pre-installed with DC/OS. You may sometimes see the Jobs functionality referred to as "Metronome" in the logs, and the service endpoint is service/metronome.


You can create a job as a single command you include when you create the job, or you can point to a Docker image.

When you create your job, you can specify:

  • The amount of CPU your job will consume.
  • The amount of memory your job will consume.
  • The disk space your job will consume.
  • The schedule for your job, in cron format. You can also set the time zone and starting deadline.
  • An arbitrary number of labels to attach to your job.
  • Permissions for your job.
  • A group your job will belong to.