dcos node diagnostics

Displaying the details of diagnostics bundles


The dcos node diagnostics command allows you to view the details of diagnostics bundles.


dcos node diagnostics (--list | --status | --cancel) [--json]


Name Description
--cancel Cancel a running diagnostics job.
--list List the available diagnostics bundles.
--json Displays JSON-formatted data.
--status Displays diagnostics job status.
--help, h Displays usage.


dcos node diagnostics --list
Available diagnostic bundles:
bundle-2019-03-18-1552932773.zip 213.2KiB
bundle-2019-03-18-1552932988.zip 239.3KiB
dcos node diagnostics --status
  command_exec_timeout_sec: 120
  diagnostics_bundle_dir: /var/lib/dcos/dcos-diagnostics/diag-bundles
  diagnostics_job_get_since_url_timeout_min: 8
  diagnostics_job_timeout_min: 720
  diagnostics_partition_disk_usage_percent: 0.1659509198286555
  errors: None
  is_running: False
  job_duration: 1.057296215s
  job_ended: 2019-03-18 18:12:54.64986437 +0000 UTC
  job_progress_percentage: 100
  job_started: 2019-03-18 18:12:53.592568425 +0000 UTC
  journald_logs_since_hours: 24h
  last_bundle_dir: /var/lib/dcos/dcos-diagnostics/diag-bundles/bundle-2019-03-18-1552932773.zip
  status: Diagnostics job successfully finished

Parent command

Command Description
dcos node View DC/OS node information.