License CLI


Using the command line interface to manage your DC/OS license

The dcos license commands are also documented in the CLI Command Reference documentation.


List licenses

dcos license list

Renew a license

At every update of license terms, you pass a new license to the DC/OS Licensing component.

dcos license renew <file-path>

Get a license

To retrieve licenses, run

dcos license get [--decryption-key] [<id>|active]

You can specify an optional path where to store the license. Returns the active license by default. Takes an optional identifier to retrieve a specific license. The --decryption-key flag returns the license audit data entry checksum decryption key.

Get license audit data

You can specify an optional path where to store the audit data with the command dcos license audit get. This command takes an optional identifier to retrieve the data generated for a specific license. If you want to decrypt the audit data, you can use the dcos license get --decryption-key command to retrieve the decryption key.

dcos license audit get [<id>|active]

Get license status

The command dcos license status displays license terms and breaches. Optional flags can be used to filter the information.

dcos license status [--terms] [--breaches]