Concepts and architecture

Learn the key concepts and architectural components of a Konvoy cluster

Kubernetes provides the foundation of a DKP cluster. Because of this fundamental relationship, you should be familiar with a few key concepts and terms. The topics in this section provide a brief overview of the native Kubernetes architecture, a simplified view of the DKP architecture - both Essential and Enterprise versions. Also, it shows the operational workflow for a DKP cluster.

The following diagram provides a simplified architectural overview to help you visualize the flow of the key components:

Architectural overview

Figure 1 - Architectural overview

Components for the Kubernetes control plane

The native Kubernetes cluster consists of components that provide the cluster’s control plane and worker nodes that run users’ containers and maintain the runtime environment.

DKP supplements the native Kubernetes cluster by providing a predefined and pre-configured set of applications. Because this predefined set of applications provides critical features for managing a Kubernetes cluster in a production environment, the default set is identified as DKP platform services.

See Platform applications for the full set of DKP platform services.

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