Major Version Upgrade to DKP 2.1.x

How to perform the major version upgrade from Konvoy to DKP (Konvoy)

2.x represents a major movement forward in DKP architecture, incorporating ClusterAPI as a major re-architecture in its management of production Kubernetes clusters. ClusterAPI, or CAPI, enables declarative creation, configuration, and management of clusters. Declarative mode is a Kubernetes best practice that simplifies lifecycle tasks, making them more consistent and more repeatable.

Moving from Konvoy 1.8.x to DKP 2.1.x is not just an upgrade - you are enhancing your existing clusters to use a new architecture. If you currently use Konvoy to manage one cluster, that single-cluster experience continues in DKP 2.1.x, and includes the use of the management tools offered by Kommander. If you currently use Kommander to manage more than one cluster, your multi-cluster experience continues in DKP 2.1.x, with enhanced management and control offered by CAPI.

Upgrade paths

See the upgrade table in the DKP 2.3 documentation for the full upgrade paths supported.

Understanding the Major Version Upgrade Process

WARNING: D2iQ does NOT support the upgrade of 1.x clusters to 2.x when Kaptain is enabled. Disable Kaptain before upgrading your clusters to 2.x. Otherwise, your upgrade process might fail. For more information on using Kaptain on DKP 2.x, refer to Kaptain's fresh install documentation.

The overall process for upgrading the major version to DKP 2.1 has the following high-level steps:

For multi-cluster customers, the DKP major version upgrade is handled through the Konvoy clusters.

IMPORTANT: You must perform the major version upgrade steps on individual clusters, one at a time. No major version upgrade for multiple clusters managed by Kommander is available.