Launch AMIs

Launch custom AMIs and custom AMI lookup

Follow these steps to launch your AMIs.

Launch a Konvoy cluster with a custom AMI

To use the built ami with Konvoy, specify it with the --ami flag when calling cluster create.

dkp create cluster aws --cluster-name=$(whoami)-aws-cluster --ami ami-0123456789

Launch a Konvoy cluster with custom AMI lookup

By default konvoy-image will name the AMI in such a way that dkp can discover the latest AMI for a base OS and Kubernetes version. To create a cluster that will use the latest AMI, specify the --ami-format, --ami-base-os and --ami-owner flags:

dkp create cluster aws --cluster-name=$(whoami)-aws-cluster --ami-format "konvoy-ami-{{.BaseOS}}-?{{.K8sVersion}}-*" --ami-base-os centos-7 --ami-owner 123456789012

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