GPUs in an AWS environment

Konvoy GPUs

Before working with GPUs, ensure you are familiar with the following:

Kommander also accesses GPU resources.

Install GPU support on supported distributions on AWS

Using the Konvoy Image Builder, you can build an image that has support to use Nvidia GPU hardware to support GPU workloads.

  1. In your overrides/nvidia.yaml file add the following to enable GPU builds. You can also access and use the overrides repo.

      type: nvidia
  2. Build your image using the following Konvoy image builder commands:

    konvoy-image build --region us-west-2 --source-ami=ami-12345abcdef images/ami/centos-7.yaml --overrides overrides/nvidia.yaml

    By default, your image builds in the us-west-2 region. To specify another region, set the --region flag:

    konvoy-image build --region us-east-1 --overrides override-source-ami.yaml images/ami/<Your OS>.yaml

    NOTE: Ensure that an AMI file is available for your OS selection.

    When the command is complete the ami id is printed and written to ./manifest.json.

    To use the built ami with Konvoy, specify it with the --ami flag when calling cluster create.

    dkp create cluster aws --cluster-name=$(whoami)-aws-cluster --region us-west-2 --ami <ami>