Create a Kubernetes Persistent Volume Claim

How to create a Kubernetes Persistent Volume Claim to access your NFS shared storage

This procedure shows how to create a Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) in your Kubernetes cluster to access your NFS shared storage.

Before you begin

This procedure requires the following items and configurations:

  • Kubernetes version 1.15.x or higher

  • Konvoy version 1.4.x or higher

  • Valid Persistent Volume installed

Create a Persistent Volume Claim

Create a Persistent Volume Claim to access your NFS share storage.

  1. Create a file called nfs-share.yaml similar to the example below.

    apiVersion: v1
    kind: PersistentVolumeClaim
      name: nfs-share # The name of this Persistent Volume Claim
      namespace: default
        - ReadWriteMany
          storage: 5Gi # The size of the storage claim.
      storageClassName: ""
          storage: "nfs" # The volume must have this label with this value.
    • Determine a name for the Persistent Volume Claim you want to create.

    • Determine a size for your storage claim, but it must not exceed the Persistent Volume capacity. In the example, the Persistent Volume we use has 5Gi.

    • Configure the matchLabels field, it must contain the labels of the Persistent Volume.

  2. After configuration, apply the PVC to request the NFS Volume.

    kubectl apply -f nfs-share.yaml
  3. You should receive a return value of persistentvolumeclaim/nfs-share created. After the PVC is deployed, validate the status is Pending.

    kubectl get pv nfs-share

Your Persistent Volume Claim is Pending because no workload has claimed it.

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